The Total Value of Deals on the Housing Market in Portugal and in the Lisbon Area

Hello! Today we want to show you an interesting infographic that will reveal how much money has been invested in Portugal’s housing market since 2009. 

Starting from 2012, we see steady growth in the value of property deals – till the pandemic took place in 2020. But the market recovered really quick – mostly because foreign buyers catalyzed their will to move to a safe haven in this dangerous world – and Portugal is definitely the place! And not only in terms of personal security but also regarding the investment capital.

As we see, inflation risks made many foreigners accelerate their investment decisions, and, starting from 3 quarter of 2020, the total value of deals went up – not only winning back the recent fall but also significantly gaining on top of it. 

Another thing worth pointing out is that since about the beginning of 2017, there has been a significant increase in investment in other regions of the country. By 2022, this dynamic has become even more evident. What does this mean? It is likely that the whole country is actively developing, and more and more foreign investors are discovering not only Lisbon and Porto but also other cities and regions, such as Madeira and Azores.

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