Antoine de Galbert’s Exhibitions – Belem 2022

Our team continues to explore the events in the Lisbon area, so in this video, we will discuss contemporary art, breaking down barriers, and creating a dialogue between current and folk arts. Last week, a video about a music event aroused your interest, so today we will talk about art!
We must say that art and culture lovers can discover a different side of the Portuguese capital!
Modern exhibitions are ready to surprise you with various exhibits and depth of emotions.
Come and explore modern art in one of the most historical districts of Portugal with us: Belém!

The Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology in Lisbon displays more than 100 works by 84 artists from the Antoine de Galbert collection, considered one of France’s most important private collections. The exhibition, “Cross the Night,” is one of the components of the Portugal-France cultural exchange program for the 2022 season and can be viewed at the MAAT Central Building until 29 August.

The exhibition is in the Lisbon Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology. Belém is famous as a museum district and home to many monuments of Lisbon and Portugal. Near the mouth of the River Tagus, Belém is the site of maritime legends, the birthplace of the pastel de Nata, and home to some of Portugal’s most important museums and galleries.

Champalimaud Foundation is one of the world’s leading research centers.

In the heart of Belém is the Praça do Império, an avenue of open spaces and gardens with a central fountain laid out during World War II. To the west of the gardens lies the `, built in 1992. It is now an arts complex. To the southeast of the gardens is the Belém Palace (1770), the official residence of the Portuguese President.

And, of course, MAAT, the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology. Belém is home to a number of other museums: Electricity Museum, Macau Cultural Museum, Folk Art Museum, Coach Museum, and Presidential Museum.

In Belem, you’ll also have a break from the hustle and bustle of charming Lisbon. Atlantic breezes, grandiose Manueline monuments dazzle, and boats glide along the vast Tagus River. In our opinion, this is also a great place to relax and walk on weekends.

You are wrong if you think there are no events in the historic district. In MAAT, the program that will occupy MAAT’s two venues is developed under architecture, urbanism, design, and memory of industrialization. These topics define some areas of intervention in our museum.

The renewed partnership with the Lisbon Architecture Triennale with the Retroactive exhibition ensures a connection to the problems of that subject in their practical implications in the life of cities and populations; Didier Fiúza Faustino’s monographic exhibition, EXIST/RESIST, develops themes and disciplines where architecture, city, and design are dealt with from the ideological dimension of art as a field of intervention and political awareness; lastly, Nuno Cera’s exhibition deals poetically (through video and photography) with the remains of the old industrial world and the signs of its digital transformation. With the exhibition Cybernetic Art. Works from the Itaú Cultural Collection, opening in September in the context of a partnership between MAAT and this institution.

Regarding the Antoine de Galbert exhibition, “Crossing the Night,” this rich collection focuses on contemporary art. Although the collector often lends works to cultural institutions outside of France, this is the first time an entire exhibition has been held in Portugal.

Providing an endless source of inspiration for artists, the night continues to permeate and infuse art with the philosophical, political, societal, ecological, and scientific questions it raises. The “Night” can evoke both hope and dread, but it is also a time and place for the freedom and transgression that offer such fertile ground for creation and are echoed in Antoine de Galbert’s collection.

On exhibition are works spanning the most diverse artistic genres, from paintings and sculpture to installations and video. Artists featured in Traverser la Nuit include Hervé Di Rosa, Christian Boltanski, Constantin Brâncuși, Didier Faustino, Lucio Fontana, Joan Fontcuberta, Raoul Hausmann, André Kertész, Thomas Ruff, W. Eugene Smith and Francesca Woodman, among others.

The exhibition also brings together many artist portraits, including Marina Abramović, Jorge Molder, Patti Smith, Annie Leibovitz, Man Ray, and more. Within the exhibition space, these works are displayed around the installation Le Cœur by Christian Boltanski and accompanied by the beats rebounding from that piece.

Well, there is no doubt that Belem is indeed a valuable place. What about life here?
Belém is a charming neighborhood – home to many of the city’s most iconic tourist attractions. It has green parks, open spaces, and stunning views of the mouth of the Tagus River, making it attractive to ex-pats who want to live outside the center.

Next to Belém is the district of Restelo, which for many Portuguese, is the best neighborhood to live in Lisbon. This is one of the few neighborhoods in Lisbon where you can live in a house. Several Restelo houses, such as the Brazilian ambassador’s residence, are occupied by embassies or ambassadorial residences. Several old and new buildings on top of Restelo have a stunning view of the Tagus River.
Look closely at “Unique Belem,” “Sky Restelo,” and “High Lapa.” These new buildings combine the best of all worlds, from the design of the buildings to the details for comfortable living there.

The development “Unique Belém,” now completed, is located in one of the noblest areas of Lisbon, between Ajuda Palace and Belém Presidential Palace. This magnificent private commonhold features a swimming pool, a garden, a gym, and a car park in the basement. Its breathtaking view over the Tagus and its bold contemporary architecture, designed and signed by the renowned Portuguese architect Frederico Valsassina, ensure a privileged lifestyle. The flats range in size from 1 to 4 bedrooms. The most prestigious units on the top floor have terraces with private pools.

Belem 2022
Antoine de Galbert’s Exhibitions

Sky Restelo” is a complex with luxury apartments in Lisbon.

“From the blue of the Tagus of Belém to the green of the Monsanto hills” – that’s the slogan this property has.

And it is! Besides its magnificent T4 apartments, the “Sky Restelo” luxury condominium has various common areas with a bar, Roman sauna, gymnasium and changing rooms, rooftop terrace and swimming pools, standard room, and access spaces. All these spaces exclusively for use by residents of the building have premium finishings.

Belem 2022

Living in the “Sky Restel” o condominium is, without doubt, enjoying the unique experience of a building full of details, conceived to provide its residents with maximum comfort and total convenience

Antoine de Galbert’s Exhibitions

And “High Lapa,” the Lapa neighborhood remains true to its past, with its steeply sloping streets, elegant buildings, and balconies filled with flowers. The complex offers apartments from T1 to T4. The interior design is in step with the times. Coziness and comfort are the mottoes of these apartments. Benefit from the year-round indoor pool at any time of day, regardless of the weather conditions. Also, there’s a gym with state-of-the-art equipment and extensive training areas. Well, it’s even more than a gym – it’s a natural source of satisfaction and well-being.

Belem 2022
Antoine de Galbert’s Exhibitions

The Belem area is worth your attention and not only because of its historical importance. This place is still valuable today. A cozy neighborhood on the Tagus River is known for its seafood restaurants and houses decorated with colorful tiles. And among the green, shaded lawns – a great past of Portugal.
The exhibition, to an extent, represents a key moment in the new MAAT program and shows that international contemporary art has a firm place in Lisbon. The collection will be on until August 29th, so you have plenty of time to catch it!

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