Scorpions’ 50th Anniversary – Lisbon, Park of Nations 2022

If you want to relocate to Portugal and like classic rock, are an inveterate festival-goer and attend various concerts, you should learn more aboutwhat’s going on in the Lisbon area.

This week will take place concert by the rock band Scorpions, rated Germany’s number one rock band. The concert will be held at the Park of the Nations.

The Park of Nations is a principal place to live among immigrants. There are many pedestrian areas with shady alleys, attractive fountains, children’s playgrounds, lots of coffee shops and restaurants, a mall, and stores between the park’s key features.

You can find a property in the Park of Nations to suit all tastes. The neighborhood offers a variety of properties.

Watch the video below to learn more not just about the concert but also about the interesting overview of the market where you can find the most attractive options for apartment complexes close to the Park of Nations area👇

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