Cooljazz`22 With Roca Estate

So if you’re an expat who’s leaning towards moving to Portugal – tune in, and you’ll be surprised by how many things are here to do.

In 10th July, there will be a CoolJazz’22 festival in Cascais, at the Manuel Pessoa Hippodrome. There will be a jazz music festival, CoolJazz`22. It is the benchmark music event that brings together music, nature, and heritage.

This place is ideal for music festivals and sports competitions. Various concerts and festivals will be held here throughout the summer.

Just imagine your dream home next to this great place with ocean, sun, summer, and music festivals nearby.

On the carefree warm days, enjoy relaxing by the pool or in the garden of your home. Spend evenings with family or loved ones. Cascais is a wonderful city to live in.

Here you can find the most attractive properties, apartments, houses, and villas that will suit all of your expectations. Here’s a quick overview of the market:

Quinta da Marinha
– Bairro de Rosario
– Centro Historico

And we at RocaEstate combine a passion for buying and selling property and a love for Portugal. We love what we do and how we do it, so we will visit the CoolJazz`22 festival on July 10th and enjoy fantastic music this summer evening too.
Watch the video below to learn more not just about the festival but also about the interesting overview of the market where you can find the most attractive options👇

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