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Immigration from Israel

Immigration from Israel to Portugal: A New Chapter with Roca Estate

Welcome to Roca Estate, Portugal's leading real estate agency, where your dream of a new life in Portugal becomes a reality. In this guide, we focus on the growing trend of immigration from Israel to Portugal, offering a new perspective on this life-changing decision. Delving into key comparisons between the two countries, we cover aspects such as quality of life, climate diversity, economic landscapes,...


Land Plot Investment: Opportunities and Risks

The allure of real estate investment has always been undeniable. From the tangible nature of the asset to the potential for long-term appreciation, it offers a unique blend of security and growth that few other investments can match. Within the realm of real estate, land plot investment stands out as a particularly intriguing opportunity. Unlike developed properties, land plots offer a blank canvas,...

Fees and taxes when buying real estate in Portugal

Fees and taxes when buying real estate in Portugal: A detailed guide for investors and real estate agents

From the moment the decision to purchase a property becomes a reality, investors and real estate agents face a problem that can affect the transaction's success and the project's financial aspects. This problem is the fees and taxes that await all those who decide to invest in the Portuguese real estate market. You may have already heard that when buying a property in Portugal, several fiscal obligations...

Property Landscape

Elevate Your Knowledge to a New Level: The Win-Win Partnership Between Real Estate Specialists and Legal Professionals

In today's world, where the real estate market is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, the interaction between real estate specialists and legal professionals plays a pivotal role. This partnership not only ensures the legality and transparency of real estate transactions but also creates conditions for their successful completion. In this context, Roca Estate acts as a leading participant in the...

How much does a good apartment in Lisbon cost

Comprehensive Guide on Lisbon Apartment Costs

Anna Bratyna, a seasoned real estate agent at Roca Estate Cascais, has just published an indispensable guide that demystifies the cost of owning an apartment in Lisbon. This comprehensive article is a must-read for anyone considering a property investment in Portugal's capital. Anna delves into key factors that influence apartment costs, from the neighborhood's impact to the type of housing and even...

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