The Housing Market Price Index in Portugal

The housing price index in Portugal

Hi! One more infographic is here! Have you ever heard of the Price Index? Below we’ll not only tell what it is but also show its dynamics in the Portuguese housing market from 2009. In 2015 the authorities made this index 100 points, and not paying attention to the price itself, let’s have a look […]

The Total Value of Deals on the Housing Market in Portugal and in the Lisbon Area

The Total Value of Deals on the Housing Market in Portugal and in the Lisbon Area

Hello! Today we want to show you an interesting infographic that will reveal how much money has been invested in Portugal’s housing market since 2009.  Starting from 2012, we see steady growth in the value of property deals – till the pandemic took place in 2020. But the market recovered really quick – mostly because […]

How to Apply for a Mortgage and What Expenses to Expect

How to apply for a mortgage and what expenses to expect

Getting a mortgage in Portugal is very common. Portuguese banks offer mortgages both to residents and non-residents of Portugal. There are many advantages to buying a property in Portugal. Some of these include the relatively low real estate prices and little to no restriction on foreigners acquiring property. It is easy for foreigners to get […]

How Americans Are Invading Portugal

How Americans Are Invading Portugal

In the first quarter of 2022, US investment more than tripled compared to the same period in 2021. With an investment of 25.1M euros in the first…

Сommercial Real Estate Market in Portugal

commercial real estate

Over the last several years, the Portuguese commercial real estate market has experienced a surge in demand from overseas investors. Below we describe the most popular types of commercial real estate in Portugal.

Buying Property in Portugal – How to and What About the Taxes

Buying Property In Portugal – How To And What About The Taxes

Have you found the house of your dreams? Congratulations. After having visited many properties and having received the agreement of the bank for the mortgages, it is necessary to take care also of the administrative steps: to gather all the required documentation, sign the bill of sale, and pay the associated taxes when you buy your property.

Why living in Portugal is ****ing GREAT!

Why living in Portugal

Are you looking to retire or buy a holiday home in one of the world’s most affordable places right by the water? Look no further than sunny Portugal. Home to some of the continent’s most revered beaches and luxury properties, it is no surprise that Portugal has become a popular relocation spot for many expats. Here are just a few reasons to buy real estate in Portugal.