Fees and taxes when buying real estate in Portugal

Fees and taxes when buying real estate in Portugal: A detailed guide for investors and real estate agents

From the moment the decision to purchase a property becomes a reality, investors and real estate agents face a problem that can affect the transaction's success and the project's financial aspects. This problem is the fees and taxes that await all those who decide to invest in the Portuguese real estate market. You may have already heard that when buying a property in Portugal, several fiscal obligations...

Real Estate Market in Cascais

Analysis of the Local Luxury Real Estate Market in Cascais: Prospects and Trends

Welcome, dear readers. My name is Anna Bratyna, and I am a luxury real estate agent at Roca Estate in Cascais. In this article, we will explore the current trends and market forecasts of this prestigious coastal area in Portugal. This information will be useful for both investors and future residents. Cascais is a blend of comfort and natural beauty, a small town and its namesake municipality located...

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