Roca Estate
We will help you find
a home of your dream
in Portugal!

We are Roca Estate – a real estate agency operating in Portugal. We focus our efforts on selling the best premier properties in Portugal!

If you ever wanted to own a property in this beautiful country – as a permanent place of living or a vacation home – we are here to help!

We try to fulfill the client’s request as quickly as possible. That’s why we organized the process in such a way that you’ll be able to see all the available and suitable options in a matter of days – personally or by video call.


🏡 Up to 5 visits in 1-3 days to all the properties that fit your taste and budget!

💁‍♀️ Get to know the area in detail and the available options to compare 

💁🏻‍♂️ Get individual consultation about the deal arrangement, taxes, mortgage rates and terms

You may be wondering why working with us is better than with others.
Well, that’s because…

…it is an opportunity to…

👉 significantly cut the time needed to get the apartment or a house of your desire – with us, it usually takes 2-4 weeks from the start to sign a CPCV (pre-purchase agreement);

👉 get fast approval for the transaction from the bank and apply for a mortgage on the best terms with great confidence;

👉 take away the headache of signing contracts with the utility and other services.

Ready to start? Ok, then let’s find out how!

Fill out the form

We will contact you to schedule a VISIT TOUR. For this, we have to find out your preferences so we'll ask a few questions in a way that you prefer - by voice, video or text messages.

Go to visits

You'll be able to see and compare up to 5 new developments that suit your taste and budget in 1-3 days. We will guide you through the process of buying and answer all of your questions.

Sign up the deal

We will help you with all the paperwork and walk along with you on every step with a professional legal help. From preliminary agreement to the deal itself.

Move in

When this happy time will come, we take care of underestimated yet essential things: we help to arrange the contracts for water, electricity, gas, internet. We may also guide you on modern art and even fabulous furniture for your new home.


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