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      Viktoria is truly exceptional.

      “My wife, Fatima, and I, along with our children, Omar and Leila, found our dream home this summer in Cascais e Estoril. She solved all our problems, from negotiating the price to recommending a good local school. We are forever grateful. 🙏”

      Ahmed Al-Saadi

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      My husband, Tom, and I worked with Viktoria last fall.

      “We don’t have children, but we do have two dogs that are like our kids. Viktoria found us a pet-friendly luxury property in Alcabideche. She’s amazing! We can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her.”


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      “Viktoria helped us this spring, and she was fantastic. My wife, Priya, and I have three kids: Aiden, Bella, and Chloe. We had issues with paperwork and a bidding war, but Viktoria handled it like a pro. We’re now happily settled in Cascais e Estoril. Thank you, Viktoria, you’re the best in the business!”


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      Viktoria, you’re a lifesaver!

      “I can’t express how thankful my husband, Steve, and I are to have worked with Viktoria. It was autumn, and we were on a tight deadline to move because of my pregnancy. She found us a perfect home in Carcavelos e Parede within weeks. No kids yet, but one on the way! 😊 Viktoria, you’re a lifesaver! We wholeheartedly recommend her.”


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      Real professional!

      ” Viktoria is the best! My wife, Anna, and I were looking for a luxury property in Cascais last winter. She was so professional and understood exactly what we were looking for. No children yet, but we’re planning, and Viktoria even thought about future family needs. We are so grateful! If you’re in the market, don’t hesitate to work with her.”


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